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Cutwatr offers complete and most appropriate solutions that empower technology-led businesses to sail with conviction. World’s fastest growing organizations rely on our team’s competencies to solve their tough challenges and smoothly sail their growth and profits.

The excellence in our execution is made possible by bringing together skills, collaboration, agility and responsibility in our operations.

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A European bank was asked to perform a look-back analysis on historical transactions by the Central Bank. Given the complexity of identifying such cases, it was reckoned that the rule based analysis may be over-simplistic and not yield many suspicious cases.

The bank sought our team’s help to provide advanced analytical capabilities including network analysis and anomaly detection to uncover complex patterns and potentially more relevant cases related to fraud red flags. We proposed a hybrid detection model, complimenting their existing AML systems, to the bank for the solve problem. This approach enabled the Bank to meet some of the more complex requirements defined by Central Bank that cannot be covered within the functionality of the existing AML solutions. Our engagement helped the bank to reduce false positives from 80% to 20%, and increase detection of false negatives by 75%.

A leading US-based commercial bank had historic set of 100’s of thousand digitized and non-digitized contracts. The cost of manual effort to identify and remediate contracts ran into millions. The bank needed a cost effective, consistent and explainable solution.

Our LIBOR Remediation suite was deployed. It is an advanced Artificial Intelligence Machine Comprehension Engine for content extraction at scale from unstructured contracts. The suite digitized the contract and identified the overall impact as 20,000 commercial loan contracts. Platform reads and extracts key attribute (100+) from contract with confidence. The extracted content is then analysed. As final step, it proposes amendment based on preconfigured triggers. Our solution helped the bank to eliminate 80% operational effort while ensuring 100% risk is managed.

As part of the COVID-19 economic stimulus bill in the US, Small and Medium Businesses were granted loans under Payroll Protection Program. Banks’ call centers were inundated with inquiries with wait times exceeding an hour which led to customer aberration.

Our Conversational AI engine was configured for PPP and implemented within 5 days with near real-time training feature enabled training on new topics and questions in a matter of hours. Our engine provided the first line of defence to the customer, and call center agents were able to intervene in real-time based on context of the conversation.

One of the largest multiplex chains in the Middle East, having cinema locations in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

We performed the end-to-end engineering to build web and mobile ticketing for client, creating one of its first kind customer experience that provides integrated seat selection, food & beverage selection and a secured payment gateway. The application handles more than 8,000+ simultaneous users and more than 100,000 unique hits per day.

US based global healthcare solution provider, intends to bring personalized healthcare to everyone globally – at the price, time and level of service that satisfies individual needs of the patients.

We created an AI & human assisted global digital exchange for patients, hospitals, insurance providers, logistics, pharmacies and other care delivery organizations.

One of the world’s largest Data Intelligence companies, client provides the insights that businesses need to accelerate their business growth.

The focus areas are market insights, customer experience management, employee engagement and cool tools.Our team works closely with client to design and develop their products and solutions that enable them to retain their leadership position.

A leading company that manufactures and services advanced cardiac monitoring products using the most sophisticated and reliable ambulatory heart monitoring systems in the world. They have been a technology leader in the cardiac telemedicine industry, pioneering leading edge products which result in better clinical outcomes

Client’s legacy technology was complex in nature because of the built-in algorithms to monitor various health parameters, training and scalability of existing applications; our team took the challenge to modernize the technology. This helped client to continuously innovate and stay ahead of competition by improving business processes and an increased accuracy in executing tasks.

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