DevOps complements the Agile Delivery models for software engineering by bringing in Automation, Monitoring and leverages Cloud computing concepts.

DevOps helps in improved processes, more standardizations and building trust and improve productivity across development, QA and IT operations teams.

At Cutwatr DevOps Automation optimizes release management to support continuous integration and deployment in agile environments.

ScriptRock GuardRail

Cutwatr uses GuardRail which provides configuration monitoring, with continuous overseeing of machine configuration state. Using this tool we help customers to have the production environment is identical to QA, test, and dev environments.


Cutwatr effectively use Splunk for production system debugging. Splunk can work across the application lifecycle, allowing developers to visualize data from production environments without having to access production machines.


The end customer system management activities are achieved suing SaltStack. SaltStack provides systems management for data automation, server provisioning, cloud building, and application configuration.


The data center orchestration is offered by Cutwatr through Puppet. The Puppet Apps, purpose-built applications for IT automation, including Node Manager, for managing large numbers of systems that are changed often.


The deployed applications are moved across using Docker. It consists of Docker Engine, which is a lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for application-sharing and workflow automation.


Cutwatr handle building, deploying, and management of infrastructure via short, repeatable scripts called “recipes using Chef framework.


The visibility into infrastructure, including servers, containers, and virtual machines, in addition to configuration management and service discovery is done through Atlas.

Azure DevOps

Cutwatr commitment to Azure DevOps is taken forward by continues research and POC on microsoft Azure DevOps tools. The TFS DevOps tools along with the Azure SDK is focused. Azure SDK includes Windows PowerShell support and cross-platform CLI support, the Web Apps feature to the Azure Apps Service, SQL and MySQL database resource providers that are designed to support the Web Apps data tier, and, for developers, native Visual Studio support.


The easy automation of applications are done through Cloudify, even those that are the most complex, throughout their entire lifecycle. This cloud infrastructure automation tool monitors applications’ progress in the cloud and scales them when needed.


Cutwatr uses Jenkins for all continues integration of product development which makes faster delivery of applications. Jenkins is associated with the version control system used within Cutwatr – GitHub and SVN. Whenever new code is pushed to a code repository, Jenkins server will build and test the new code and notifies the team for with the results and changes.

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