Intelligent Loans solution ingests application documents, extracts and classifies key information, and makes it readily available for lending decisions. Start processing large volumes of mortgage applications at scale accurately in near real-time!

Current challenges

Slow decision from slow information distribution

Numerous types of unstructed documentation

Error prone and outdated manual date capture process

Risk decision that rely on too many factors

Heavily regulated process and stringent compliance standards’

Rigid solutions that don’t scale with market fluctuations


Business Benefits

Optimized business processes with up to 90% time effort saving

Discoverable content – ability to discover any content from any document

Enterprise wide standardization for content. Creation of an enterprise taxonomy

Environment friendly

Our solution coverage

Personal Loan
Working Capital
Commercial Loan
Auto Loan – New/Used
Term Loan
Institutional Loan
Property Loan
Real Estate
Equipment – Lease/Purchase
Credit Card
Small Business Loan
Other Loans