Trade Finance is a critical pillar of any financial institution’s business strategy. To be competitive and succeed, financial institutions must focus on maximized digitalization, automated processing and comprehensive audit capabilities in a multi-step, multi-part processing ecosystem like trade finance.

However, the 2018 ICC Global Survey shows that over 60% of banks surveyed have implemented or are in process of implementing technology solutions to digitalise their trade finance operations. However, only 9% of banks reported that the solutions implemented have so far led to a reduction of time and costs in trade finance transactions.

Our solution helps banks to reduce time and costs in trade finance transactions by focussing to significantly improve processing efficiency of trade finance documents! Digitize the verification of trade finance rules, improve compliance with up-to-date sanctions screening, reduce manual handing of paper, and delight your customers with faster overall processing.

Our Differentiators:
  • Pretrained models for trade finance documents
  • Algorithm-based decision-making
  • Continuous learning
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Annotation made simple through an interface.